Back doctor midland tx

Back doctor midland tx

If you are experiencing intractable back and spine pain, you should see an orthopedic spine specialist-a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating the entire range of conditions that affect the spine. Regarded as Midland’s leading orthopedic clinic, Wellspine PA offers comprehensive orthopedic care and spine pain management. Offering non-invasive and invasive treatments, we help our patients relieve the pain caused by spine and back problems. We use the latest technology, techniques, and a team approach to provide the right treatment that helps our clients recover on time.

Our Mission

Our mission at Wellspine PA is to provide our patients with the highest quality, patient-centered, technically advanced spine care delivered in a private and personalized setting. We offer an individual and multi-disciplinary approach to our patients, using the experience and expertise of back pain specialists. Understanding that your condition may cause you significant discomfort or interfere with your ability to enjoy regular activities, we also strive to provide consultations in a timely manner.

Our Patient Care Goal

At Wellspine PA, our goal is to relieve pain and discomfort and return our patients to their normal activities and life as soon as possible. With the addition of supportive staff members, some of the other goals we have include simplifying patient evaluation, maintaining a clear line of communication, and promoting continuity of care, starting from the initial evaluation to the completion of their treatment.

Our office staff is professional, respectful, and knowledgeable. With an emphasis on personalized care, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the attention and time they need to understand their condition and treatment options.

Why Choose Wellspine PA?

Having been treating patients and improving their lives for several years, Wellspine PA is one of the tops established orthopedic practices in Texas and one of the most trusted. We believe in a caring approach that includes compassion, respect, and empathy. That is why we always make sure our patients are empowered with knowledge so that we can make the best choices for their lower back pain treatment. The overview of our treatment program includes:

Appropriate Care: You receive a comprehensive evaluation by a doctor for back pain nearby to identify the source of your pain. Our specialists may start with testing and physical therapy that help them understand your problem. With this extra help, you can receive a focused diagnosis and the right surgical care.

Coordination: Spine and back surgery at Wellspine PA is generally a team effort. Neurosurgeons, pain management specialists, physical therapists, and others regularly meet to discuss your unique case. With this teamwork, you’ll receive personalized care for your unique condition.

Easy Access: At Wellspine PA, our patients can start healing as soon as possible. Our practice nurses and physician assistants make it easier for our patients to receive a prompt evaluation. Generally, we see new patients within a few days.

Contact Wellspine PA Today

With the combination of a world-class facility, equipment, expertise, and back doctor Midland TX, Wellspine PA is one of the leading orthopedic centers in Midland. So, contact us today when looking for the best back doctor Midland TX.

Back doctor midland tx