Treatment Centers In Phoenix Az

Purpose Healing Center is one of the top treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ. If you’re looking for a luxurious facility with modern amenities and state of the art infrastructure, we’re the perfect choice. We offer the best Scottsdale drug and alcohol addiction treatment with highly qualified and experienced therapists and physicians.

Role of family therapy in addiction treatment

Healthy relationships are a vital part of life that helps maintain physical and mental wellness. When you have deep bonds, healthy companionship, and emotional support, you are less likely to relapse after drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment. Hence, we conduct family therapy sessions to help recovering addicts build healthy bonds with their family, friends, and loved ones. It also helps families to create a safe space for recovering addicts where they can thrive.

Through our family therapy sessions, we engage both the recovering addicts and their family members in counseling sessions and help them rebuild mutual trust, honesty, respect, and enable them to support each other in recovery. Post-rehab individuals need a healthy, positive, and supportive environment to overcome the pressures of the real world. By educating and preparing the family members, we help create a stress-free environment for our recovering addicts at home, which helps prevent relapse.

Efficacy of CBT in addiction treatment

We are one of the most popular treatment centers in Scottsdale, AZ, to use cognitive behavioral therapy in substance abuse treatment. Our therapists use CBT to address problematic thoughts and feelings in recovering addicts. With the help of CBT, we train recovering addicts to develop connections between their thoughts and actions. CBT helps increase awareness in recovering addicts and allows them to overcome co-occurring mental illnesses like anxiety, attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), etc.

CBT encourages individuals to continually revisit their traumatic and painful memories and thereby reduces the pain caused by them. It also equips recovering addicts with new and positive coping mechanisms to deal with triggers and stressful situations.

Ongoing care programs for recovering addicts

Inpatient rehab is just the beginning of a life-long commitment to sobriety. We understand the difficulties and challenges that our patients face in the real world immediately after their time in a rehab facility. To help recovering addicts adjust to life after rehab, we offer ongoing care programs to help them maintain their sobriety in this rather stressful period. We conduct follow-up therapies, medical evaluations, and alumni support groups to help recovering addicts maintain their focus on sobriety.

We offer therapy and counseling sessions on a weekly, daily, and bi-weekly basis to help newly sober recovering addicts prevent relapse. At our Scottsdale recovery center, we offer cognitive behavioral therapy, individual and group counseling, and motivational enhancement therapy to support individuals in their post-rehab phase.

Get in touch with one of the treatment specialists at Purpose Healing Center to know more about our drug and alcohol rehab in Scottsdale. We are one of the few treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ, with accreditation to the Joint Commission. We also offer ongoing care programs for recovering addicts to help them stay focused on sobriety in the long term.

Treatment Centers In Phoenix Az

Discover our treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ

Purpose Healing Center is one of the most reputed treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ, with several positive reviews, a dedicated medical team, and upscale amenities. While recovery is a bumpy road to take, we make the journey less intimidating and more comfortable for our clients with personalized care and customized treatments.What makes us one of the best treatment centers in Phoenix?We are a leading AZ drug rehab with the best and most advanced detox, inpatient, …

The Best Treatment Centers in Phoenix, AZ

Drug and alcohol addiction are severe conditions with life-threatening effects over time. At Purpose Healing Center, we invite you to the most prominent treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ, for immediate treatment and recovery from addiction. Our rehabilitation programs follow the industry’s strictest health guidelines, offering safety and immediate relief from addiction.How to know if you have an addiction?The first sign is generally the withdrawal. This is what causes people to relapse whenever attempting to quit, …

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Treatment Centers In Phoenix Az

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