Screen Addiction Help

Screen Addiction Help

Social media is at a stage that none of us old millennials ever imagined would be, even during the MySpace run. The blow-up of Facebook and Instagram has completely changed how we live life and the course of social networking on social platforms. What began as a campus social network is now a worldwide platform connecting people from all corners of this planet.

The only downside of this digital social tool is the tendency to stick to the screen, which leads to addiction to cell phones. We want to feel included and be a part of the hip community by posting our latest life events to the oxytocin rush of getting likes and comments. Frequent and heavy phone use rewires our brain to always expect these red notifications by uploading and interacting on different posts. How do you stop yourself from going down this rabbit hole? How do you create days when you do not even remember you have notifications to check?

How our internet addiction treatment will curb addictions

Redefine phone ownership

The fundamental yet complex concept to grasp is that you own your phone, not the other way around. Taking a peek at your phone every time you hear the notification bell means your phone is now in control of your responses. Allow yourself the freedom to only check your phone when you please, which puts you in the authority position of choosing how notifications affect your brain.

Clean your apps

Do you really need that app? There are apps to help us with so many mundane tasks that would be otherwise impossible or strenuous without. Phones have hundreds of gigabytes of storage to download these apps or store as many media files as necessary. The effect is an endless urge to get an app for everything, like taking measurements, identifying plants, editing photos in ten different ways, and noticing movement in the room, among many more unnecessary things.

Our screen addiction help will not prompt or force you to delete these apps, but it will create awareness for you to know what you do not need. It is not abnormal for people to delete all their apps and social media accounts because they now realize the more essential things in their lives. You can also restrict your apps to a phone that you leave behind at home and only use for a maximum of one hour.

Tech addiction treatment program to plan your phone use

We intentionally arrange our houses into different rooms so that there is a purpose for each one. The kitchen is only suitable for cooking while the living room is excellent for guests and relaxation. Similarly, it would help if you had different phones, so you have an easier time controlling your phone use. The work phone should include contacts and apps that you need for your work, while the social phone can include all the videos, photos, and apps intended for your social life.

The phone addiction treatment helps you realize the importance of all these goals by reconnecting you with your body’s and mind’s natural system. Our computer addiction rehab will help you identify triggers of excessive phone use, to form better laws for better health. Get help for yourself, a loved one, or an employee, and complete the insurance verification process to begin treatment.