Oxygeneo Toronto

You’ve probably heard of the OxyGeneo facial already, as it is becoming a hot topic in skincare as of late. While it can feel impossible to know if skincare is actually going to give you the results that you want, OxyGeneo has been shown to work consistently and quickly. It’s a revolutionary three-in-one system that works to promote a youthful appearance and healthy glow.
If you’re interested in getting OxyGeneo in Toronto as a way to combat aging and hyperpigmentation, keep reading. We’re going to answer any of the questions you might have about OxyGeneo.

What is an OxyGeneo facial?
The OxyGeneo facial is a three-in-one treatment that uses oxygenation, exfoliation, and serums. This trio of treatments are combined to reduce hyperpigmentation and hydrate the skin. This leaves skin with a youthful glow that other facials haven’t been able to accomplish. This facial is safe for all skin types. The handpiece used in treatment to buff out the skin is even gentle enough for skin around the eyes, so no worries about irritation afterward.

What is Oxygenation?
Oxygenation is the process of added oxygen to the skin. Oxygen is essential not only to our breathing but to every part of our bodies. A lack of oxygen can leave our skin dry and tired, so oxygenation actually assists the skin in its natural hydration and blood circulation. It has also been shown that added oxygen on the skin can help prevent a build-up of bacteria, which can keep blemishes at bay.

What’s the Difference Between OxyGeneo and Traditional Oxygen facials?
In an oxygen facial, the skin is blasted with a stream of pressurized oxygen. In OxyGeneo, however, a mixture of chemical compounds is used to great bubbles of carbon dioxide on the surface of the skin. The skin then reacts to the carbon dioxide by sending oxygenated blood to the surface. The added blood circulation and oxygen then produce the younger, more hydrated look in the skin.

How Much Does It Cost?
To get OxyGeneo in Toronto, the treatment is around $150 at Liliana Clinic. This price includes all steps: exfoliation, infusion, and oxygenation. Some OxyGeneo treatments may end up being more expensive depending on the equipment used, but for the most part, the price is even across the board.

How Often Should I Get an OxyGeneo Facial?
To upkeep the results of the OxyGeneo facial, one should be getting them done every four to six weeks. Every two to three months is the next best option if you are getting this treatment on a budget. While this facial does have almost immediate results, they are not years-lasting. Only getting OxyGeneo before important events is also a good option.

OxyGeneo treatment can be a great option for anyone looking to add more moisture to their skin, quickly. Whether you’re looking for more a new treatment to add to your routine or a pick-me-up before big events, you should definitely consider OxyGeneo. It’s not only one of the most effective treatments on the market at the moment, but it’s also one of the more affordable specialty treatments out there.

Oxygeneo Toronto