Medical Mattress

Medical Mattress

Sleep is a vital part of the human functions, as it is the mechanism par excellence to replenish energies. This function is more necessary for those who suffer from some disease: the pathology demands a greater expenditure of energy, and the need to sleep increases.

That is why it is essential to provide all the necessary conditions for the patient to recover and improve their health. One of the crucial factors for the proper rest of patients is the mattress. Whether you must attend a patient at home, or have a health center that provides hospitalization, it is vital that you select the best type of medical mattress for the welfare of your patients.

What is a Clinical Mattress?

This is a type of mattress that provides the best possible conditions for the correct rest of a patient. Keep in mind that if a patient requires hospitalization, they will spend most of the time in bed. That is why the mattress must have certain characteristics that allow people to stay on it for long periods without deteriorating their health beyond their current condition.

What Should You Consider When Selecting The Ideal Clinical Mattress?

Support & Anatomy

The medical mattress should be adapted as closely as possible to the patient’s body. This ergonomics will significantly reduce pressure points on specific areas of the body, such as the spine and shoulders. With a perfect fit, additional muscle tension and ailments will be avoided.

This is why you should pay due attention to the mattress material. There are new technologies in the industry today, which have enabled the development of more efficient resting surfaces. One of these materials is polyurethane memory foam. This allows a perfect adjustment to the body and helps to replenish the energies efficiently.


Another essential aspect of the patient’s comfort is to stay cool while in bed. The mattress you choose should help you provide that. For example, the polyurethane used in mattresses developed by Sterling Sleeping Systems is treated with our revolutionary Cool Flow Gel, which helps keep skin cool and prevents a humid environment that encourages the proliferation of microorganisms that can affect health.


Not all medical diseases require the same conditions for accommodating people. Most clinical mattresses on the market offer a single standard of hardness. For some pathologies, it may not be the most convenient. On the other hand, if you choose high-tech equipment such as our mattresses, you will have different levels of support, and you will be able to use it according to the medical needs of the person who is going to rest on it: you can choose between the plush or firm surface, obtaining practically two mattresses in one.


Last but not least, keep in mind that hygiene is essential for recovery from any illness. That’s why the clinical mattress should be easy to maintain. Its structures and covers must be completely washable so that they can provide a clean and sterile environment for the patient.

Get The Best Medical Mattress of America!

If you want to provide extraordinary conditions for the recovery of your patients, Sterling Sleep Systems has developed the best of the best. Our exclusive Hospital Mattress is the best option, the most comfortable and hygienic so that you can assist any patient with any pathology correctly. More than 30 years of experience in the industry support our developments, and all our advances are at your disposal. Contact us.

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Medical Mattress

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