Med Spa Miami

Med Spa Miami

We all visit a medspa whenever we think of getting a medical-grade facial or cosmetic procedure. Medspa is a hybrid of a medical office and a day spa operated under a licensed physician. Medspas combine the charming ambiance of a spa with the expert treatment of medical providers, so you feel relaxed and well taken care of at the same time.

At Elevate Miami, we offer medspa service to residents and visitors of Miami and the surrounding area. Like a standard hospital, we provide expert treatment for various cosmetic needs and combine this with a day spa ambiance. A licensed and certified medical practitioner who is happy to help you runs our facility. For medspa first-timers, here are things to expect on your visit.

Checking In

You will be required to provide your documentation for identification purposes, just like when you visit a hospital. A medical spa questionnaire will also be provided with questions about one’s medical and physical history – medications, allergies, perhaps questions about lifestyle such as skin type, tanning, and many more. This gives us sufficient information that will help us decide what treatment is right for you. Once you’ve completed the paperwork, you can proceed to your consultation.

Consultation Services

During a consultation, you have the opportunity to explain any concerns you have and the kind of service you want. Consultations are crucial because some clients visit a medical spa believing they know what they need but end up with a different treatment plan. Our Miami med spas specialist will give you details about the kind of cosmetic procedure you need. Once your consultation is over, you could decide if you want your treatment to be done the same day or later.


At Elevate Miami, we’ll ask you some specific questions before starting your treating you. Common questions we ask patients that visit our facility include:

  • What cosmetic products are you currently using?
  • What treatments or surgery have you had in the past?

The Facility

We try to combine the feeling of a clinic with that of a day spa. When you visit our med spa Miami, you can expect to be administered in a beautiful and clean environment.

 Services Provided

You can expect to be treated by a licensed nurse or doctor, depending on your treatment type. At Elevate Miami, your safety is very important to us. Suppose you are visiting our facility for services like facials, chemical peels, microneedling, or microdermabrasion. In that case, our licensed doctor will review your medical history to ensure these procedures are safe. 

Contact Elevate Miami For Miami Medspas

At Elevate Miami, our consultations are held in-house at our facility, which is located in Miami. We offer first-class services, as well as customized med spa treatments. We have treatments available to treat sagging and dry skin, acne scars, loss of volume, wrinkles, and more. Feel free to let us know about any areas that make you feel uncomfortable. Contact us today at 305-359-5569 to book an appointment with us.




Med Spa Miami