Drug Detox in Newport Beach for Women

Drug Detox in Newport Beach for Women

Sober Partners offers drug detox in Newport Beach for women in a world-class treatment facility with superior amenities. Our skilled clinical staff work with each of our clients dedicatedly and guide them towards sobriety.

Our women’s treatment program

We have an exclusive women’s treatment facility with customized gender-specific healing programs. Our female-specific recovery program provides substance abuse treatment and care that caters to the unique needs of women. Women, in general, suffer from a variety of mental health issues alongside addiction like anxiety, depression, etc. We use a broad range of psychotherapies and science-based treatments to help our clients embrace sobriety and attain improved mental wellness.

We help women dealing with motherhood, hormonal imbalances, workplace challenges, verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, etc., heal from their trauma and mental health issues, and learn critical coping skills for lasting success with sobriety. Our female-specific rehab facility encourages freedom of expression among women and motivates them to become their best selves.

Benefits of joining a women’s addiction rehab center

As one of the top-rated detox facilities in Newport Beach, we offer gender-specific treatment for patients to help them heal and recover based on their social and biological needs. Here are some of the benefits of joining one of the female treatment centers in Newport Beach like ours:

  1. Female treatment centers provide tailored addiction care and support to cater to the unique needs of women.
  2. Our women’s drug rehab in Orange County has female group facilitators, counselors, and therapists to address and treat substance abuse disorders. Our female clients feel more comfortable discussing their trauma, challenges, and other issues with same-gender therapists and counselors, allowing them to attain a speedy recovery.
  3. The female-specific group meetings allow ultimate freedom of expression, enhancing overall trust among recovering addicts during treatment programs.

Women feel more comfortable and relaxed when in an environment with same-gender therapists, RNs, and peers. Besides, we conduct female-focused group meetings and therapy sessions that allow members to discuss gender-specific topics without any inhibitions.

Why can’t I quit drugs on my own?

Breaking free from addiction takes more than quitting drugs or alcohol cold-turkey. The recovery process involves a step-by-step procedure, requiring you to stay under the close supervision of a medical team during the treatment. Joining one of the Newport beach drug and alcohol rehab centers can help you recover from your addiction as well as the mental health problems that trigger the drug or alcohol abuse.

Trying to overcome addiction on your own can cause you to relapse within a couple of days after recovery. Alternatively, choosing to recover from drug rehab in Newport Beach, CA, can help you learn critical coping skills to manage triggers and stressful situations, reducing your risk for relapse significantly.

Verify your insurance with us at 844-262-8701. Choosing to take control of your life is the first step towards freedom. Our drug detox in Newport Beach for women can help you get started on the right foot towards sobriety and equip you with essential tools for a healthy and happy life. Contact Sober Partners today to begin on a liberating journey towards improved physical and mental wellness.

Drug Detox in Newport Beach for Women

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Drug Detox in Newport Beach for Women

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