Artificial prosthesis Nashville

Artificial prosthesis Nashville

Artificial Prosthesis in Nashville is one of the best providers of prosthetics and orthotics. At Human Technology, we help you achieve your life goals by providing the best and fitting prosthetics for you. We work with you and your family at finding your best artificial limb, so you can learn to restart your life. We bring the most effective solutions for people suffering from limb loss.

What kind of prosthetics are there?

There are mainly four kinds of prosthetics – transfemoral, transtibial, transradial, and transhumeral. Transfemoral is for above-knee limb loss, and it’s also called ‘AK’ in the prosthesis industry. Transtibial replaces limbs below the knee.

The transradial and transhumeral prostheses are for arm missing below the elbow and above the elbow, respectively. These prosthetics have advanced over the years with the help of new technology. The new and improved prosthesis provides more control to the user with the help of mechanical linkage, carbon fiber, microprocessors, and innovative tech.

Importance of prosthesis

When you lose a limb, it not only affects your body, it also affects your mind. It is challenging for you to tolerate the psychological impact of limb loss. The main reason for a prosthetic is to help you regain your life and make it more comfortable. You will be independent, comfortable in your own skin, and self-reliant.

The artificial prosthesis in Nashville plays a vital role in your recovery process. You can heal from physical and mental injuries due to your limb loss. You will have a productive life where you feel safe and confident, walking out into the world. Our prosthetics can help you with your day-to-day activities and your mental health.

Benefits of artificial limbs

You can move with more ease and comfort with a new prosthetic. You can have stable sitting and standing positions with the latest artificial prosthetics and improve on your self-confidence as well. Your new limb will become a part of your body in no time.

You will have to spend less energy using a prosthetic as compared to crutches. You can move at a reasonable pace, the one that you choose for yourself. You can attach and remove your prosthetic limb with ease without worrying about pain or discomfort. The most important of all is that you will be comfortable in your own skin with high spirits.

Artificial prosthesis care and services

We are one of the best artificial limb providers in the country, and we provide quality care to you with the help of the latest prosthesis technology. We have the best caring and supportive staff with unmatched expertise in the field of the prosthesis. We will provide the best-personalized care for you and your family.

You can get the best prosthetic for yourself or a family member at Human Technology. Our prosthetics are well-fitted for personalized use. We also provide free-of-charge consultations to help you decide which artificial prosthesis in Nashville is the right choice for you. You can learn more about your condition and the possible fitted prosthetic before spending any money.

Artificial prosthesis Nashville

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Artificial prosthesis Nashville

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