artificial disk replacement Odessa

artificial disk replacement Odessa

When you find yourself suffering from chronic back pain for a long time, and you have tried various non-surgical treatments with no luck, you may want to think about artificial disk replacement in Odessa. Dealing with such horrible back pain can keep you from enjoying everyday activities, so having surgical intervention could be the best option for pain relief and restoring function.

If you are a patient with daily pain and are not interested in spinal fusion, you can look into artificial disk replacement to replace damaged spinal disks.

What Is Lumbar Spinal Fusion?

This is known as the traditional approach to treating disability or pain from degenerative disc disease. As a surgical procedure for back pain disk replacement, it involves connecting the bone between vertebrae surrounding the discs in question. Pain relief begins as the motion of the painful discs stops.

There are many options available for someone looking to get spinal fusion, including techniques coming in from the front, back, or each way. With spinal implants or pedicle screws, it helps enhance the structure as the bones fuse. It may involve harvesting a bone graft from the patient or using synthetic grafts or extenders.

About Artificial Disk Replacement In Odessa

Some patients will seek another surgical option after finding the best spine surgeon and neurosurgeon in the area to take on their case. This involves artificial disk replacement of the painful disks causing issues within the spine.

During this procedure, the process involves disk replacement for chronic back pain with removing the painful disk and maintaining motion in that area with the introduction of a new spinal segment or prosthetic. This is similar to the knee joint and artificial hip surgeries. There is quite a difference between those surgeries and this, as only one of the three joints at each vertebral area is getting replaced. With hip or knee surgery, the whole joint usually gets replaced.

Which Option Is Right For You?

You will usually see that spinal fusion surgery is often the most prevalent surgery because many patients might not be eligible for a replacement. You need to consider your unique situation and work with the right surgeon to ensure you have the best shot at retaining your range of motion while living your life free of the pain you have been experiencing.

Before signing on for any surgical procedure, you need to know that your chronic back pain might not be fully treatable with surgery. A thorough evaluation must determine the right surgery to give you the safe, effective results you are looking for. This is where we are here to help at Wellspine, PA.

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artificial disk replacement Odessa