Cervical Spinal Stenosis

Cervical Spinal Stenosis Treatment

If your body seems to be rebelling against you these days, you may have developed a problem known as cervical spinal stenosis. Neurological difficulties in the arms, hands, or even the lower body may get their start as compression of the sensitive nerve tissue in the vertebral column of the neck. When conservative treatment can't relieve these issues, then you may need surgery to free the trapped nerve tissue. Our Dallas neurosurgeon here at WellSpine PA, Dr. Battle, can evaluate your condition and perform the necessary surgery with tremendous skill for the best possible outcome.


What Is Cervical Spinal Stenosis?

The cervical spine is the topmost region of the spinal column, extending from the shoulder blades to the base of the skull. Like other parts of the spine, the cervical spine envelopes the spinal cord, a critical conduit that relays nerve signals between the brain and body. Several large nerve roots pass through narrow spaces between the cervical vertebrae, fanning out into the many nerves that control the upper extremities. Stenosis is a condition in which the structures surrounding the nerve tissue start to pinch that nerve tissue, cutting off the flow of nerve signals.

Cervical spinal stenosis may occur for a variety of reasons. Some people naturally have narrower spinal canals than others, making them especially vulnerable to the condition. Degenerative disc disease or a herniated disc can put pressure on the spinal cord or cervical nerve roots. If a nerve root is affected, you may experience pain, numbness, strange tingling feelings, or lack of strength in your shoulder, arm, hand, or fingers. If the spinal cord itself is affected, you might even lose control of your bladder, bowels, or lower extremities.

Cervical Spinal Care from Our Dallas, TX, Neurosurgeon

If you're lucky, conservative care techniques can help reduce the nerve pressure of cervical spinal stenosis. If, however, you need more advanced spinal care, pay a visit to WellSpine PA. Our Dallas, TX, neurosurgeon may need to perform a spinal fusion procedure to take pressure off of the nerve tissue. For instance, you may benefit from a posterior laminectomy, in which we enter the back of the neck to remove bone from around the spinal cord. As an alternative, we may enter the front of the neck to remove a herniated disc and fix the surrounding vertebrae in place, a procedure called anterior discectomy and fusion.

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If your cervical spine needs some expert treatment, treat it to the advanced services at WellSpine PA. Call our Dallas clinic at 214-819-9600.


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  • "Everyone was so nice, and very interested in my situation. Very informative about what and how the procedure will be"
    Bryan R.
  • "Best experience I have had hands down going to the Dr! Staff was extremely helpful, and I was in and out very fast and had all my questions answered. Turns out I had a pinched nerve and a bulging disk and they are getting me set up on the best plan so I can get all these issues fixed. Definitely would recommend to anyone! Dr. Battle is AWESOME."
    Adam D.
  • "This place is awesome! So willing to help with any issues and quick to respond to any questions! The staff goes above and beyond for their patients! I will DEFINITELY be referring some customers their way!"
    Alyse S.

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